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PrenatalSAFE®Karyo is the only non-invasive pre-natal screening test carried out in Europe in our laboratories. Unlike other tests on the market, it is NOT outsourced to external laboratories in the US or China.

The FAST technology provides test results from only 5 working days with the same levels of sensitivity and specificity as for the standard test. 

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PrenatalSAFE®Karyo is the next level in non-invasive prenatal screening test.


Unlike any other noninvasive prenatal test available to date, PrenatalSAFE®Karyo offers a level of information previously only available from a fetal karyotype analysis, performed with invasive prenatal diagnosis procedures (amniocentesis or CVS). 

is a new cell-free fetal DNA (cfDNA)-based noninvasive prenatal test that analyzes every chromosome of the fetal genome.

PrenatalSAFE®Karyo screening test is the most technologically advanced genome-wide NIPT: through cfDNA analysis from maternal plasma, PrenatalSAFE®Karyo detects aneuploidies and structural chromosomal aberrations (deletions or duplications) across the fetal genome, providing karyotype-level insight.